What is Ultimate?

Ultimate, often called “Ultimate Frisbee” or “Frisbee” after the trademarked flying disc, is a team sport that incorporate aspects of soccer, American football, and basketball. The standard outdoor field has a similar layout to American football, with a main playing area of 70x40 yards with two 25 yard end zones. Points are scored when a team catches the disc with control in the opposing team’s end zone. To achieve this, players attempt to move the disc downfield by attempting passes, which the opposing team tries to defend or intercept. When a player receives the disc they must establish a pivot point and cannot leave that point until the disc leaves their hands. When there is a turnover, the defending team becomes the offense and play continues instantaneously.

Ultimate is a non-contact sport, though incidental contact will occur. There are no referees in ultimate, and players are responsible for making calls throughout the game. Some games make use of observers, whose roles are limited to active calls, such as line calls (in and out of bounds), time violations (time outs and time between points), and off sides. They are only involved in non-active calls (fouls, etc.) if the players cannot resolve the conflict on their own and need a ruling.

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