DiscNS Board of Directors 2021-2022

The DiscNS Board of Directors is a group of volunteers elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting.  Roles will be assigned at the first Board meeting

  • Jessie Legate
  • Joan McNeil-Delehanty 
  • Matt Campbell
  • Mike Corbett 
  • Mike McAllister 
  • Raoul Tanyan 
  • Todd MacAulay 


Outgoing DiscNS Board of Directors (2020-2021)

  • Joan McNeil-Delehanty (Corporate Secretary, competition lead)
  • Lara Kesteloo (Treasurer)
  • Megan Melanson (Vice-President, youth lead)
  • Mike Corbett (Disc golf and observe lead)
  • Mike McAllister (President)
  • Raoul Tanyan (Communications lead)
  • Todd MacAulay (Coaching lead)