The province updated its covid restrictions.  As of Monday, January 25 games between teams that would regularly play against one another can resume in the province.  This opening includes league play.  Tournaments that would bring together teams that wouldn't normally play against one another, like a provincial tournament, are not allowed yet.

See the full release from Sport Nova Scotia, and most notably its FAQ, for more details.

The province updated its public health announcement on December 16.  

The summary from Sport Nova Scotia to us (boldind added) says "

As the regulations relate to sport, effective December 21, sports will be able to practice/train with groups of up to 25 without social distancing. The number of 25 would include all participants in the sporting activity, (coaches, trainers, etc.), as is consistent with all previous regulations. Games, competition, and events are not permitted, so all teams/training groups would be consistent within their own personnel.  

It’s important to note that these new regulations will apply to the entire Province, so games, events and competitions that were previously taking place in some zones of the Province will not be permissible under the new regulations.

These regulations will be in effect until January 11, 2021."

The full news release is available online at


The province has announced that all sport will be paused in western and central HRM from Thursday, November 26, 2020 to the end of Wednesday, December 9 to reduce the spread of covid-19 transmission in the province.  This restriction applies to all ultimate and disc golf activities in the affected region.  The restriction also indicates that individuals may not travel from these HRM regions to other parts of the province to partake in sport activities.

The rest of the province remains in a state of protecting one another through care in our activities.  Sports teams are restricted to local and regional play only.  Please exhibit caution in these other regions to minimize or prevent the spread of covid-19 during any activities.

The province will decide if further restrictions or a longer duration is necessary as this period of restritions proceeds.

As of October 1, 2020, the province of Nova Scotia is allowing competitive play in sports for up to 50 participants (including coaches and subs).

We have updated the return to play document to reflect how the province is managing access to competitive play.  The updated return to play plan is at

Within that plan, play for ultimate is set to be phase 3, which allows for league-style play without additional distancing for marking.

If conditions change in the province, we will be updating the phase of play in which we belong.

For indoor play, facilities will have added restrictions that we must follow.

As always, keep with the spirit of the game in any play:  play safely, respect the sport, and respect your fellow athletes in all cases including keeping their health safe too.

On November 20, 2020, the province of Nova Scotia re-introduced some gathering restrictions in response to an increase in covid-19 cases in the province.

Play for ultimate remains in phase 3 of the return to play plan, which allows competitive play.

However, we encourage organizers of ultimate and disc golf events to recognize the signals from provincial public health and the concerns that athletes may have around large gatherings.  Balance the size of events, in terms of individuals who will be in close proximity with one another, relative to the overall community health in your region of the province.


The province has reviewed and accepted our return to play plans for ultimate and disc golf.  Thank you to Halifax Ultimate and Pictou County Ultimate for their help in reaching the return to play plan.  The ultimate plan is at and we are in phase 2.  The disc golf plan was developed by the PDGA for disc golf.  The PDGA plan is available online

The province has updated its FAQ on gatherings in the province.  Page 5 in particular speaks to sport activities and indicates that skills and drills events can happen, with sufficient distancing.  Planning official events still require us to comply with a return to play plan. 

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions about return to play.

The most up-to-date information on COVID-19 in Nova Scotia can be found at