We have confirmed a clarification wtih Sport Nova Scotia that the current (July 29, 2020) allowance for social gatherings of 10 or fewer without physical distancing can be applied to sport.  Quoting from their web page:

"The current NS Sport Guidelines for sport activities, such as practices and games remain in place. This means that there can be a maximum of 50 participants on a field of play, socially distanced, if the facility space allows, or there can be groups of 10 participants who are not distancing, provided each group is distanced from the other, again to a total of 50 participants.  As per previous communications, it is recommended that each group of 10 remains the same as much as possible."

Consequently, it is possible to have some small game interactions in groups of 10 or fewer (10 maximum, including subs, coaches, spectators, etc.) and where the groups remain relatively stable.  Further clarification in a public call with Dr. Strang on July 28 indicated that groups of 10 are meant to be pre-formed, which would allow for pre-formed team interactions but not pick-up interactions.

This clarification does not alter the current return to play plan for ultimate or our current phase in that plan.  The plan applies to general play in the sport.

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