Nova Scotia reopening plan Phase 3 allows for each hole in Disc Golf to be treated as a separate field of play. 

Participants and officials in organized sports (recreational, amateur and professional) can gather with up to 50 people outdoors without social distancing for practices, games and competition.

Spectators are permitted (indoor and outdoor) for sports hosted by a business or organization that have an event plan. Facilities are permitted to have spectators for up to 50% of capacity of the facility with a maximum of 150 people outdoors.

Regular competition has been deemed by Disc Nova Scotia to include registered league play or events previously scheduled or as having happened in the past with similar sets of athletes.

We ask that in order to remain safe and vigilant, these precautions are also observed:


- Attendance is permitted only by online pre-registration.
- Registration payment is online only & done at time of pre-registration.
- Full contact information (name, address, email, phone #) is collected for each participant to
ensure contact tracing would be exact and efficient.
- During events the course(s) would be closed to anyone that is not registered.


- Maintain Social distance as much as possible while participating in an event.

- Participants must to wear masks/face covering when not possible


- All components of the events to be outdoors
- Participants will be asked not to arrive at the course more than 30 minutes prior to their
assigned tee time, and to leave the course promptly when their round is completed. This would
ensure that at no time the gathering limit would be exceeded for any area of the course(s).



- Tee off groups not to exceed 4 players per group 
- Any communication will be in digital format (ie no physical caddy book or players meetings) 


- Hand sanitizer provided at entrance and exit to the outdoor venue(s).
- No common touch surfaces at the event.
- Players to be prohibited from touching any other player's equipment.
- Players ONLY touch only their disc when removing it from the basket, and to
remove their disc immediately after completing the hole, so that only one disc is ever in the
basket at a given time. No player is to throw while a disc is in the basket.
- All scoring to be done electronically (no paper scorecards)

-Participants encouraged to wear masks when social distancing is not possible.

All PDGA sanctioned events should follow the prescribed best practices as provided by the Professional
Disc Golf Association

Questions can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.