The province announced new covid restrictions for the HRM and surrounding areas of Hubbards, Milford, Lantz, Elmsdale, Enfield, South Uniacke, Ecum Secum, and Trafalgar.  The restrictions begin on the morning of Friday, April 23 and last for 4 weeks until May 20.

In short the announcement is that we:

  •   eliminate non-essential travel to/from the HRM area
  •   eliminate social events or special events
  •   stop sports practices, training, games, competitions, or tournaments

Parks remain open so people can still exercise outdoor, subject to distancing and gathering limits.

Disc sport activities outside of the HRM should exercise caution, seeing the restrictions currently being set on the HRM due to increased covid case counts here.


Province of Nova Scotia COVID-19 Press Release: April 22, 2021   

Province of Nova Scotia COVID-19 Gathering Limits   

Province of Nova Scotia COVID-19 Return to Sport Guidelines