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Try our foam discs! These are great for youth indoor Ultimate with kids under 12.
Ultimate Equipment
Hammonds Plains Disc Golf has a free course just outside the city.
Disc Golf Courses
Learn to Play workshops for schools and community groups covering Ultimate and/or Disc Golf.
Ultimate Workshops


Today the Provincial government announced that starting at 12:01am Monday February 14, 2022 the following eased restrictions will go into effect.

·        Sport training, practice and regular league games/competition are allowed with a maximum of 60 participants indoors and outdoors without physical distancing.

·        Competition is limited to the regular competitive schedule.  The regulations state that if the activity is part of the regular league or competitive schedule it is allowed. Bringing together teams or participants that typically do not play one another is NOT allowed. (NO TOURNAMENTS)

·        Spectators will be permitted following the formal gathering limit – 50% of the venue’s capacity.

This is the first step in a three phase/step process. This phase is currently planned to last about a month.  The situation will be evaluated on a week-to-week basis and only when it is safe to do so will the restrictions will aim to move into the second step.

Please see today’s news release below or through the following link for more information