• Anchor wins gold at 2017 Canadian Ultimate Championships.

    Photo credit to Ultimate Canada

  • 2017 Nova Scotia high school provincials

  • Tournament of Fools, Spring Mixed Tournament in Halifax

  • C4UC 2015

    Team Nova Scotia wins silver at Canadian 4on4 Nationals in 2015

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Try our foam discs! These are great for youth indoor Ultimate with kids under 12.
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The province of Nova Scotia is now in phase 5 (since: October 4 2021). Here are some of the key points.

Most restrictions will be lifted while some will remain in place.

·         There will no longer be a requirement for physical distance. 

·         There will no longer be gathering limits for events hosted by a business organization. The informal gathering limits of 25 people indoors and 50 outdoors will remain in place. 

·         Masks will still be required in indoor public places. Reccommended for play but not mandatory.

·         As noted above, the proof of full vaccination requirement will start October 4. 

·         Current border restrictions will remain in place and be expanded to include people coming from PEI and Newfoundland and Labrador. That means self-isolation will still be required             after travel for people who aren’t fully vaccinated (at least 7 days plus 2 negative tests). International travelers will continue to follow federal requirements.

·         Otherwise, the only restrictions that will remain in place for the general population are those related to management of COVID-19 cases. For example, people with symptoms must             still get tested, isolate while they wait for results and continue to isolate if they test positive.


Additionally, The province has released an application to make scanning vaccination records easier

The VaxCheckNS app is available as of October 22 2021 for businesses and organizations to use to scan proof of vaccination QR codes. This will allow users to quickly confirm an individual’s vaccination status. Valid photo ID or Nova Scotia Health Card must be presented with the QR code.

  • VaxCheckNS – is a freely available QR scanner app that can scan a proof of vaccination QR code and provide a simple green “confirmed” response or a red “sorry” response.
  • VaxCheckNS will be the preferred method of providing and checking proof of full vaccination as it can make the process easier and protect people’s personal health information and their vaccination status.
  • The older NS versions and out of province Proof of vaccination forms will still be acceptable provided proof of ID.

The province has provided a PDF to outline the VaxCheckNS app and its use, you can find that here